Services Offered:

The Millenson Law Firm provides a full range of non-litigation services and appellate representation in the fields of equal employment opportunity and labor law, including those relating to the special affirmative action obligations of government contractors. 

Among the areas in which the firm provides particular expertise are:


Affirmative Action Planning – Government supply and service contractors generally are required to maintain written affirmative action plans at each of their facilities.  Contractors who engage in federal or federally-assisted construction must meet an entirely separate set of planning requirements. 

Increasingly, the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) relies upon a review of these plans to determine whether, and to what extent, it will conduct an on-site investigation of a particular facility during a compliance audit.  Thus, content of the affirmative action plans becomes extremely important, not just for its statistics, but also for its narrative as well.  Reliance upon a boiler plate narratives that is not tailored to the specific workplace can suggest to OFCCP that there issues where none exist  Through its principal, Debra Millenson, the firm brings to bear 20 years of experience as a senior legal advisor to OFCCP – experience that can assist companies in framing plans that minimize the potential of subsequent problems with OFCCP.


Diversity Planning and Audits – Many companies, regardless whether they are government contractors, are facing issues presented by the changing demographics of both the workplace and their customer base.  Encouraging not merely racial or ethnic diversity, but diversity of perspective and thought, permits these companies to address the demographic and customer-based changes in a proactive way.  The firm’s experience enables it to provide a comprehensive and effective strategy for reviewing workplace diversity, developing plans to increase diversity, and harnessing the employer’s diverse resources to achieve a maximum benefit within the workplace, the marketplace and the community as a whole.


Appellate Representation – The firm has extensive experience in appellate advocacy. Ms. Millenson began her government service working exclusively on appellate matters for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and continued throughout her career to participate in the drafting of briefs addressing substantive, procedural and constitutional issues at all levels of the federal appellate process.


Monitoring of Settlements and Consent Decrees – Settlements and consent decrees that are not self-executing can benefit from the oversight and input of a neutral monitor capable of: a) resolving certain issues without resort to the courts; and b) ensuring that deadlines are met and required procedures satisfied.  Having represented both plaintiffs and management, and having implemented dozens of class-type and complex settlements, Ms. Millenson brings to the firm the neutral perspective that is so useful in ensuring that these agreements are effectuated smoothly and without additional disruption and cost to the parties.

Complaint Investigation – Employers often find it appropriate to seek outside assistance in investigating complaints of discrimination, particularly those involving the company’s human resources department, high ranking officials, or particularly sensitive issues.  The firm can provide the company with a thorough, pragmatic, and discreet investigation and, if desired, can recommend action based upon a comprehensive understanding of both the law and the realities of the workplace.
Training – Good training is essential to the smooth and efficient operation of any workplace.  The Millenson Law Firm can deliver effective training programs addressing both substantive issues of equal employment, affirmative action, and diversity, and the management issues related to effective implementation of affirmative action and diversity plans.  Ms. Millenson’s experience includes providing training to line and management level employees at all levels within the workplace.